Leave it to us to plan, create and send your email marketing.


Would you like a partner that will proactively market to UK schools for you? 

From planning through to the copywriting, design and sending of campaigns to schools and colleges,
we can fully manage your email marketing to schools, leaving you free to focus on your core business whilst
our activities generate leads and sales.

Why use us?

  • We can manage ALL aspects of your email campaigns, including copywriting, design and sending*
  • We run your email through the most rigorous spam filters to ensure your email lands in the inbox
  • We will check to see if your email displays well on all devices
  • Before sending we will send you a proof to ensure you are happy with the email
  • We will remove all unsubscribers and send you a copy of all the people who have opened your email
  • Only a limited number of clients for this service are accepted ensuring you have all the support you need

*Please note that we do not accept anyone for this service as we want to ensure great results for all of our clients.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together.



The key to successful email marketing is planning ahead and thinking in campaign terms rather than ‘one off’ email shots.

We will work with you to create campaigns spanning a number of emails that incorporate powerful themes, time sensitive offers and creative hooks to deliver tangible results for you.


You will know that teachers are not an easy audience to sell to. You need to speak their language, gain their trust, and deliver a great service.

From a decade of experience of selling to schools, we know how to write copy that schools respond to positively. We also have a design team that create stunning and bespoke emails that make your brand shine.


Planning and compelling copy means little if your email never sees the light of day. By using our own verified and cleansed email data and the best practice to create and send campaigns, we ensure that your email lands in the inbox, not in the spam filter.

Each email is run through vigorous spam filters prior to sending to ensure delivery.


Sending emails is one thing, doing it well is another. Our articles are based on over a decade of experience of selling to UK schools. Sign up to learn the ins and outs of email marketing to schools.

Why us?

We go much further and work closely with our clients to produce remarkable results. How?

We carefully manage our capacity, so that we only work with a select few clients allowing us to spend more time to really get to know your business.